by Dethrone Humanity

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released January 4, 2014



all rights reserved


Dethrone Humanity Norman, Oklahoma

Nothing Dethrone Humanity does is for the mainstream. Heavy, angry, and anti-societal music is what they know best, and what they feel about the strongest. Influenced mainly by death metal, thrash, punk (and anything against conformity, government, and society), Dethrone Humanity continue to their own unique brand of extreme music. ... more

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Track Name: Degenerate Minds
Verse 1:
Entering to the decrepit place
Mental disease is everywhere
The bullshit of others is a thickening fog
The truth is I don’t care

Degenerate minds
You are the scum of the Earth
Living a lie
Why can’t you all just die?

Cross the line again: treacherous morals
Face impending decay: thriving in squalor
Plague is everywhere: claiming it’s victims
Nowhere to run: inescapable terror

Verse 2:
Here exists a prison of thought
It suffocates the will to be
Hallowed halls create empty minds
And they believe that they are free
Intelligence is stunted here
And the morons are on parade
The brainless running rampant around:
To stupidity they are self-enslaved
Track Name: Malevolent Manifestation
Verse 1:
Colors diminish
And the shade overwhelms
Penetrating darkness
An acrid mind spawning our hell
Unleashing evil
Bleeding into our thoughts
Purity is slain
Of malevolence the being is wrought

So it stalks, and maims, and kills;
Hell upon Earth
We bleed, we beg;
Upon our knees
All we thought we knew
Has come to an end

Verse 2:
Contagions emerge
Destroying all
Humankind retreats
From the top, forever we fall
Struggle begins
We fight for our lives
A constant war
As we stare death in the eyes
Track Name: Sacrificed To Nothing
Verse 1:
Eerie stillness in the air
Desolate and dry
Then the heat begins to flare
With tensions running high
Fire burned the Earth, and ice could not be found
Countless people died; piled on the ground
Everyone lost hope attempting to survive
Waiting to be saved, they piously contrive

Get off your knees
You have been deceived
You are a victim of lies
You think you’re saved
You think the path is paved
The certainty is you’re wrong

Verse 2
At the peak of the heat
Society decays
You think there’s a solution
So you collapse and you pray
What good will it do, to worship falsities?
What good will it do, to fall down to your knees?
Try to use reason instead of holy lies
Ain’t a fucking god to listen to your cries

Verse 3
When the last tree withers
You take it for a sign
You pul out a gun
To get your peace of mind
Grabbing for the trigger, panicked and distraught
Blow away all sense and tear away your thoughts
It will finally flood as blood will soak the ground
But even as you die you think there is something found
Track Name: City Of The Dead
Verse 1:
There is a place where the dead go
They die again, but this time slow
A place well known: none can flee
They know what it’s like to never be
An idea comes to mind, for when I decay
A replacement to rule, till the end of all days
Genius takes flight, with dark, twisted wings
And fear is spread into all living things

Unaware what I see
You were made to serve me
Legions of the damned
They all know who I am
City of the dead
Lethal fog fills your head
What it is, no one knows
Power that I bestow

Verse 2:
The city rests but never sleeps
building my power within my own dreams
Perfect creation will fit purpose well
Its task to do is to take over this hell
Sick and disgusting, the streets are foul
Nothing can stop these agonizing howls
The heir has arrived: pain will resume
So it goes on: perpetual doom